Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time Flies

Wow, I really lost track of time and missed keeping up my blog once again.

The last 2 and a half weeks I have been touring Europe on a Virtual Tour of Europe with some of my past and present VSN hostesses over on SCS. When we are done with our weekly tour we are challenged to make a card.

You can join us over here.

Week one we spent in the Netherlands. Went on a canal ride, visited museums and important sites, did lots of souvenier shopping. Stayed in some fantastic hotels and ate lots of fantastic foods. Of course, this is all virtual, so we can afford the top of the line.

Here is the card I made from my visit to the Netherlands. It is based on the wooden shoes I picked up as a souvenier and the Delft ware items I also picked up.

Week 2 we went to Greece. The crisp fresh air and all the beautiful places we saw and of course the fantastic hotels we stayed it. Very relaxing.

Here is the card I made for this leg of the tour.
I picked up a couple of teapots and loved the blue and white that I saw all over the place with the bright sunshine.

This week we are in Austria and I am enjoying every minute. Have to go so that I don't miss the play we are going to tonight.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Paper Chef VSN - check us out

It's been a while. Soo many logins and passwords that I got mixed up and couldn't get on. Well I'm back.

My last post was not used on the RES-Q site, but that's ok. I had fun making the card.

Busy with VSN now over on SCS. I'm one of the coordinators (Paper Chef) for the next VSN. The theme is based on the program Iron Chef. A show where famous Chefs challenge a famous Iron Chef and they have to make 5 dishes using a secret ingreadient in each one. The Paper Chefs and Embellishment Chefs did their challenges to kick things off while we searched for Chefs to challenge us. We now have our Chefs and are working on the challenges that will be held on Friday, July 17th, Saturday, August 1st and the Main on Friday, August 14th & Saturday, August 15th.

Here is the card I did for the sample of my dish challenge.
My Appetizer challenge was based on a plate of Potato Skins. Using the colors found in this appetizer, I challenged everyone to make a card.

Hope you can stop in and sample the food.
Also trying to get swaps made for Stampin'Up! convention, and everything else I have to do in the next 3 weeks.
The new SU Cattie is out and I love it. There are so many great sets and accessories that I have a wish list all most as big as the Cattie. Can't wait to see what else SU does this year.
Only 1 more day of work this week and then 3 days off. I have plans to paint and completely redo the spare room that I've been using for a craft room. Have to empty everything out of it....take down 7 cabinets, paint the walls and then move my cube furniture and craft items back in. When done, I'll post pics.
Off to wrap up a few things and get some sleep.
Thanks for stopping by.