Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stamping Finally

I got caught up on organizing my computer and putting some things away in the craft room this week and weekend. I even stamped and/or made 3 things.
The Blog RES-Q-Challenge ( challlenges every Monday. This is the challenge I submitted for Monday, June 15th. Stop on over and check us out.

Sorry about the fuzziness. Can't seem to get a good picture.

I am also a member of the SCS Dork's and the group in WI known as the Curds. We try to get together once a month at either a stamp/scrapbook store or Shoe Box Swap, stamping event somewhere in WI. Well Curds.....I saw something at Stein's when I took Mom to buy some plants and I had to have it. You'll all understand.
Here it is.

I also made a little ATC card holder. Will save that one for later.

Have to get working on my swaps for the SCS Dinner at the Stampin'Up! convention and my items for the Hartford ShoeBox Swap on August 15th.

Waiting for the announcement about VSN - want to set those dates aside.

Hope everyone has been well and enjoying Spring and life.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch you all later.